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ASCAP Daily Brief
Thursday, October 18, 2012
We are pleased to offer you the 
ASCAP Daily Brief powered by The Dean’s List 

This daily email, compiled by ASCAP Board member, music publisher and songwriter Dean Kay, cuts through the media clutter to bring you links to the most relevant news and commentary on the rapidly evolving music industry and how it affects your future livelihood. Now the ASCAP Daily Brief can be accessed on the Headlines page of and in the ASCAP RSS Feed

Tech companies have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future.

“Equity Will Not Bear Witness to Such a Travesty of Justice”
By Terry Hart — …while copyright protection itself is solely a creature of statute, it is firmly rooted in principles of justice, fairness, and equity.

Sampling and Copyright – How to Obtain Permission to Use Samples
By Michael A. Aczon — If you use samples when writing or producing songs, one of the biggest favors you can do for your career is to understand the legal and business issues that surround the practice of sampling. The process of securing a sample for use in your own recording is fairly straightforward, but a legal minefield awaits you if you choose to skip any steps along the way.

‘WhoSampled’ Shines on iOS: Find Out Who Sampled Whom, Based on Your Music
By Andy Cush — The new iPhone app from WhoSampled. whose beloved web-only service has been online since 2009….not only…allow(s) you to search its extensive database of sampled, covered, and remixed songs, it also scans your phone’s library, turning up any samples in the music you already have…

Screw You Too, Pandora. Part II: Did Pandora Lie During Their IPO? Or Are They Just Plain Old Greedy.
By The Trichordist — As you may or may not know Pandora is trying to push a bill through congress that would slash payments to artists by as much as 85%….It will let Pandora get around agreements it made with artists unions and copyright holders. This is like Delta Airlines going to congress and asking them to pass a law to force their pilots and flight attendants into accepting an 85% pay cut. We don’t do this in this country.

Grooveshark Retools, Asks Fans To Do What Lawsuits Say They Don’t: Pay Musicians Fairly
By Bruce Houghton — …Grooveshark soft-launched a more social version including a TIP JAR that ironically encourages fans to do something that many believe the site doesn’t – adequately compensate music creators. [Artists grovel for tips while Grooveshark pockets 100% of the money from the advertising plastered all over the site.]

Spotlighting Google’s Politicization of the Law Enforcement Process — My Politico Letter to Editor
By Scott Cleland — Exposes how “Google often plays politics to evade law enforcement culpability.”

Trent Reznor & David Byrne On DIY vs Major Labels
A talk Sunday night featuring David Byrne and Trent Reznor included an interesting discussion of the business options facing musicians today….both artists shared the stance that the current landscape is not about label deals vs DIY but about choosing the right path and the right deals for the artist in question.

5 Lessons YOU Can Learn From My Mistakes: I Spent $20,000 Making an Album I Can’t Even Give Away
By Shane Lamott — “What was I thinking!?”

[Drum roll.]
Young Consumers Legally Purchase More Digital Music Than Anyone, Study Shows
By Glenn Peoples

Dorsey: Leadership Secrets Of Twitter And Square
By Eric Savitz — Two of the five hottest pre-IPO companies in the world are guided by Jack Dorsey. His role at both offers a blueprint for startups everywhere.

LinkedIn Revamps Profiles, Pushing More Everyday Site Use
By Tomio Geron — LinkedIn is rolling out a redesign of its profile pages for its 175 million members.

Up Your iPad Recording Game With iTrack Solo
By Aarti Kelapure — Pro-audio manufacturer Focusrite recently introduced the iTrack Solo, an aluminum two-channel interface designed for recording instruments and vocals on an iPad.

Top 50 Most Political Artists

Has 3D Guitar Manufacturing Taken the Next Step Toward Innovation?
By Kira Grunenberg — When one starts talking about “3D printing,” the conversation has already taken a modern and somewhat futuristic turn. It wasn’t exactly a process that immediately was thought to latch itself onto music or anything related thereto. After all, any ‘hardware’ needed for musicians to make music usually comes from intensive, delicate and experience hand labor done by trained individuals who studied in apprentice positions for years before making something of their own.

The Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Movie Computers of All Time
By Cade Metz



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