ASCAP Daily Briefing

Instant Star: How Justin Got So Big
By Susan Krashinsky — The rapid spread of ‘Bieber Fever’ is truly remarkable, but it’s no natural occurrence. This global infection is the product of a clever marketing campaign designed to harness the Internet’s power.

“Glee” And The Stones Driving Digital Music Sales
By Mike Sachoff — Coming on the heels of its mid-season April premiere, the music themed-TV show “Glee” saw digital downloads from its four compilations jump from 51,000 to 359,000, according to new data from Nielsen. The program’s latest “Showstoppers” album topped the Billboard charts this week as digital sales of “Glee” songs surpassed 500,000. Songs from the show posted 4.1 million track sales in 2009 and 3.2 million so far in 2010.

The Half-Life Of A YouTube Video Is 6 Days
By Jay Yarow and Kamelia Angelova — A video on YouTube gets 50% of its views in the first 6 days it is on the site, according to data from analytics firm TubeMogul. After 20 days, a YouTube video has had 75% of its total views. That’s a really short life span for YouTube videos, and it’s probably getting shorter.

Radio Rebound in 2010
By Erik Sass — Better-than-expected first-quarter ad revenues have prompted BIA/Kelsey to revise its forecast for radio, giving a cheerier outlook for 2010. For the full year, BIA/Kelsey now expects radio revenues to increase 3.7% from $13.7 billion in 2009 to $14.2 billion in 2010. The new projection partly reflects significant growth in revenues from digital and mobile initiatives launched by radio broadcasters.

If You Liked This …
By Lev Grossman — The trouble with recommendation engines is that they’re really hard to build. They look simple on the outside – if you liked X, you’ll love Y! – but they’re actually doing something fiendishly complex. … They’re trying to reverse-engineer the soul. Recommendation Engine for TV and Film
By Curt Hopkins — From shopping to music, the overload of information on the Web has been shaped and ordered by recommendation engines. There are even tools like the browser extension GetGlue that purport to sail the entire recommendations ocean. But one very important aspect of the online experience has been overshadowed: video. Milan- and Tel Aviv-based, currently in beta, has introduced a proprietary, cross-platform recommendation service to personalize television, film and video viewing. aspires to do for video what Pandora or do for audio.

The Orchard Reaches 1.2 Billion Mobile Customers Across Asia
(Press release) — Today, The Orchard, a global leader in music and video distribution and comprehensive digital strategy, announced that the company is now reaching more than 1.2 billion mobile customers across Asia through distribution partnerships with top mobile operators and licensors in China, Japan, Korea, India, and the Middle East

House Judiciary Chairman Seeks Cooperation From Google, Facebook in Privacy Inquiries
By Joelle Tessler — The head of the House Judiciary Committee is asking Google Inc. and Facebook to cooperate with any government inquiries into privacy practices at both companies. Michigan Democrat John Conyers sent letters to Google and Facebook on Friday amid mounting concern in Congress that the two online companies are not adequately protecting personal privacy on the Internet.

The Action Class: Restraining Order Blocks Google From Destroying Wardriving Data
By Chris Castle — Business Insider reports that not only was Google “wardriving” and hoovering up personal data in 30 countries in Europe-they were doing it in the US, too. And strangely enough, they were about to destroy the data before they got sued and hit with a restraining order faster than a code monkey can snarf a Ring Ding.

Silicon Valley Backs YouTube in Viacom Case
By John Paczkowski — Google and YouTube have some powerful new allies in their pitched battle with Viacom: Yahoo, Facebook and eBay. Earlier this week, the three companies filed amicus briefs in support of Google and YouTube, which are defending themselves against a $1 billion copyright lawsuit by Viacom. In the briefs, they urge the judge presiding over the case to dismiss Viacom’s suit, claiming to do otherwise is to violate protections given Google under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. [Now let me see, YouTube reformats the videos uploaded to its site, stores them on its systems for on demand viewing, sells advertising against them, makes them available to anyone who wants them to generate advertising revenue for their own sites, does not get licenses and thinks it’s swimming in a “safe harbor?”]

Need a Program Guide for the Real-Time Web? Try Live Matrix
By Sarah Perez — The web is no longer static pages of text and still images. It’s alive with tweets, “tweetups,” live video conferences, uStreams, live-blogged product launches, webinars, live auctions, virtual world meetups and events, time-limited sales and contests, live audio and video podcast recordings, live chats and more. And it’s all happening in real-time. … Live Matrix is your program guide to the real-time web, allowing you to search, save and create reminders for all the live web events you want to be a part of.

Ray Charles’ Copyrights a Lucrative Business
By Ed Christman — While Ray Charles has a substantial songwriting catalog post 1961, “what is interesting is he didn’t like to write,” says Tony Gumina, president of the Ray Charles Marketing Group. “He wrote songs when he was on Atlantic because he didn’t like what (Atlantic principals) Ahmet (Ertegun) and Jerry (Wexler) were giving him (to record). So his most prolific writing period was between 1948 and 1960. “As soon as he became big enough to record the biggest songs, he started recording the American songbook Rogers and Hart, Rodgers and Hammerstein, the Gershwins and Irving Berlin.” [Not to mention Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, Hank Williams, Cindy Walker, Floyd Tillman, Don Gibson, Cowboy Jack Clement and a number of other country songwriting legends who powered two of Ray’s greatest albums, “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music” – Volumes one and two.- DK]

Robin Williams as the American Flag


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