ASCAP Daily Briefing

The Web’s Return To Chaos
By Quentin Hardy — Is tech taking us to a world more medieval than modern? … A commentary on Joseph Menn’s Fatal System Error, a well-reported book on some of the biggest (known) cybercrimes in the past decade.

Euro MROs Sign On With Digital Data Exchange (DDEX)
By Ed Christman — Five European music rights organizations (MROs) have signed on to using the Digital Data Exchange (DDEX) standards for receiving sales information reported by digital service providers. DDEX was formed in 2006 by major record labels, online music distributors and music rights societies to create standards to facilitate the exchange of metadata.

MySpace to Pay ‘Lost’ Royalties Back
Big Pond News — MySpace, which has enabled many artists to launch their careers, is now helping to pay them back millions in ‘lost’ royalties for songs and performances. MySpace CEO Owen van Natta said on Sunday the company had signed a groundbreaking deal with performance rights group SoundExchange to track down about 25,000 major, independent and unsigned artists owed more than $US14 million in unpaid royalties.

What Does Indie Even Mean?
By Yahya Chaudhry — Selling 124,000 copies, “Contra” is the best-selling album in the country. Released by XL, an independent record label, “Contra” is only the 12th independently distributed album to reach the coveted top spot on the Billboard 200 since such data has been recorded. Why is that a big deal, and what does being “indie” mean?

TheSixtyOne Redesign Positions it as the Anti-MySpace Music Site
By Mark Milian — Indie music portal TheSixtyOne launched a drastically redesigned website over the weekend. Loyal users were less than enthused, but something tells us they’ll get over it. Just take a look.

4 Tech Trends You Must Understand to be an Effective Marketer
Written by Elyssa Pallai — Recent technology trends enable a brave new world of marketing. Ignore them at your peril.

Vodafone Claims Europe’s Largest Base of Digital Music Subscribers
By shinychris — According to Vodafone nearly 450,000 of its customers have signed up for music subscription services since it signed digital rights management free MP3 music deals with all major labels in 2009. Two million tracks are currently available through the DRM-free library with Vodafone claiming it will grow to 6 million in 2010.

Apple: iPhone App and iTunes Stores Don’t Make Money
By Rik Myslewski — Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store aren’t moneymakers. They’re lures for prospective handset customers.

Analysts Predict Bold Growth for Google Android
By Marguerite Reardon — Google’s Android is expected to take the smartphone market by storm in the next few years, growing faster than all its competitors, according to an IDC report published Monday.

Where Do We Find the Time? Social Networking Use Up 82%
By Mike Melanson — According to Nielsen, we’re spending 82% more time on social networking sites than we did just a year earlier. So much so, actually, that it’s nearly a full-time job.

Moodagent Asks, Are You in the Mood for Some Advertising?
By Jon Healey — Moodagent, Syntonetic, mobile advertising, iPhone apps, music playlists If you were an advertiser, how might you change your pitches to match a consumer’s mood? That’s the question that Syntonetic plans to pose as it starts plugging targeted advertisements into its Moodagent iPhone app.

Sorry, Facebook Friends: Our Brains Can’t Keep up
By Don Reisinger — Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford University, developed a theory in the 1990s dubbed Dunbar’s Number. The theory contends that the human brain is only capable of managing relationships–staying in contact at least once per year and knowing how friends relate to others–with about 150 people.

Quincy Jones, John Mayer and Bill Withers Lead Speaker Lineup for ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo
(Marketwire) – Music legends Quincy Jones and Bill Withers and music superstar John Mayer will lead the list of speakers at the 5th annual ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO, it was announced by ASCAP. The three-day EXPO will take place at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, April 22-24, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Deep discount pricing ends January 31st.

Pianist Earl Wild Dies at 94
By Martin Steinberg – Earl Wild, the first pianist to give a solo recital on American television, is dead at age 94. … Wild’s first televised recital came in 1939, when NBC began transmitting its first commercial live musical telecasts.

Is the Digital Age Cutting Us Off From Aliens?
By Chris Matyszczyk — There is something so painfully wishful about life out there being better than life down here. What if it isn’t?


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