Gant Mizick ASCAP Daily Briefing

The FCC, Net Neutrality and Copyright — A Look At The Comments
By Patrick Ross — The first round of comments in the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed rulemaking on network neutrality have been filed, and there are a number of filings of interest to copyright owners and creators. I’ve taken the liberty of summarizing a few here, with links to the full filings. Note the filings below have varied opinions on the merit of issuing rules, but they all raise important concerns regarding creators’ rights.

Graduated Response and Copyright: an Idea That Is Right for the Times
By Barry Sookman and Dan Glover — We propose to focus this article on one of the most needed and most poorly understood processes for reducing online infringement and promoting legitimate sources of online content. It is called “graduated response” or, as critics often derogatorily label it, “three strikes”.

How The EFF Lost Its Way By Defending Hate Mongers And Tunnel Rats
By Vivek Wadhwa — Michael Arrington wrote in 2007 that the “EFF may be getting a tad overzealous in its desire to defend our right to violate copyright and other intellectual property laws, and needs to take a step back and consider if the oppressed are now becoming the oppressor”. I’m beginning to believe that Michael was right.

Arts Industry Faces Big Slump After Much Growth
By Brett Zongker — The first National Arts Index released Wednesday by the group Americans for the Arts shows the nation’s artists and arts businesses fell into their biggest slump in more than a decade in 2008. It looks at 76 indicators, including music royalties, Broadway ticket sales, museum visits, philanthropy and the number of college art majors.

The Case for Coexistence
By Paul Resnikoff — Think that the cloud is just going to replace the download, end of story? But wait – the download has yet to totally replace the CD. Turns out that format progression is rarely that clean, and instead, technologies tend to coexist.

How 17 Stars Got Their Big Breaks
By Maureen Farrell and Melanie Lindner — Grabbing the limelight takes ability, sweat and luck. Lessons from those who made it.

App Stores Are Big Business: $7 Billion in 2010
By Sarah Perez — According to the analysts at research firm Gartner, mobile application stores are expected to generate revenues of nearly $7 billion over the course of this year.

Radio’s Music Paradox
By Mark Ramsey — It’s everything except our music that will make us the most popular place to hear music in the future.

BPI Takes Aim at ISP Claims About The Costs of Anti-Piracy Measures
By Music Ally — The war of words between the music industry and certain UK ISPs shows no signs of thawing. With ISPs like TalkTalk and BT having predicted huge costs if they’re forced to introduce anti-piracy measures on their networks, the BPI has commissioned a report from technical consultancy Sweet Consulting that claims to disprove them.

BEIJING: Google Incident Illustrates Dilemma for Foreign Companies in China
By Steven Mufson and Peter Whoriskey — Ever since the 1930s, when a Missouri-born man opened an ad agency in Shanghai and wrote a book called “400 Million Customers,” the Chinese market has beckoned to American companies. And never more so than now, when the number of customers has grown to 1.3 billion and China is poised to surpass Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy.

What Google Exit May Mean for Music Service

In War Against the Internet, China Is Just a Skirmish
By Eric Pfanner — China is not the only country where Google is bumping up against political or cultural opposition to the laissez-faire practices that Internet companies prefer.

NAMM: Big Tones Come From Tiny, ‘Lunchbox’ Amps
By Michael Calore –Guitar amp manufacturers are responding to the practical and economic wishes of musicians by rolling out a slew of “lunchbox” style amplifiers, so called because they’re about the size of a school lunchbox, complete with a handle.

Makin’ It Magazine: 15 Reasons I Didn’t Listen to Your Music

Jimmy Fallon Covers ‘Pants on the Ground’ As Neil Young
If you’ve spent any of the past 48 hours wondering what “Pants on the Ground” would sound like performed by Neil Young, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the original as performed by songwriter General Larry Platt during his American Idol audition.


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