ASCAP Daily Briefing

Net Neutrality: Now Cures All Wickedness – and Loompa Scurvy, Too
By Andrew Orlowski — The lynch mob and the FCC…. This time the accusation of Neutrality Violations is being turned on copyright holders, minority groups – and anyone who wants a network to run the way they want it to…. Has a technology ever been invented that when allied to copyright, makes creators less independent, or poorer? Not until now.

SGA Warns That FCC Net Neutrality Proposal Could Enshrine Music Piracy And Devastate Creators
Warning of potential devastation to music creators, the Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) Thursday filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expressing its grave concern about a new proposed rule that could result in continued widespread music piracy and further loss of income to songwriters.

[Pigs do fly!]
UK: ‘Oink’ Founder Cleared of Running Illegal File-Sharing Website
A Leeds-born man accused of running one of the world’s largest music sharing websites was today cleared of conspiracy to defraud. Alan Ellis, 26, was accused of making hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Oink website, which he ran from his own bedroom. However, a jury at Teesside Crown Court unanimously cleared the software engineer of the single charge.

Copyright Criminals Film On PBS Tonight
By Bruce Houghton — Copyright Criminals, a documentary that takes a detailed look at both sides of the important sampling debate and other challenges to modern copyrights airs Tuesday night on PBS stations throughout the U.S. Watch the trailer above and check local listings for times here.

It’s Not Jay or Conan. It’s Us
By David Carr — Don’t blame the late-night hosts for falling ratings. The Internet and cable television have made much of network television disappear into a thicket.

Akamai: World’s Net Connection Speeds Rising
By Lance Whitney — More cities and countries are enjoying faster Internet speeds, according to the latest State of the Internet report released Wednesday by Akamai. Looking at the third quarter of 2009, the report found that most countries in the top-10 list for Internet performance saw an average 18 percent increase in speed from the second quarter.

Vevo Overtakes MySpace Music in U.S. Web Traffic
By Mark Hefflinger — Vevo, the new music video portal joint venture between Universal Music, Sony (NYSE: SNE) Music and Abu Dhabi Media Company, surpassed MySpace Music in Web traffic during December.

MySpace’s First Foray into Facebook Connect
By Harrison Hoffman — MySpace’s rumored adoption of Facebook Connect may be coming to fruition with the first implementation, called “Fan Video” being launched. Once logged into Facebook on the Fan Video page, the app allows you to mashup a selection of eight music videos that prominently feature your Facebook profile picture.

The Latest Great Idea from Iceland– Piracy Haven
By Chris Castle — What do you do for an encore when you have completely ruined your economy? Or what impoverished nation can Google actually take over? According to the Wikileakers at the 26C3 international hacker convention, Iceland wants to become a piracy haven.

Call for Study of Threat from “Offline” Filesharing
By Katie Allen — Swapping of music and video on hard drives and memory sticks could be just as big a threat as online firesharing, says report.

Nutsie Brings iTunes to Android Via The Cloud
By Matt Rosoff — The basic idea behind the current version of Nutsie is simple: you have a bunch of songs stored in iTunes on your computer that you’d like on your phone, but you don’t want to buy an Apple iPhone. For $19.95, you can download the Nutsie app for phones running Google’s Android, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and various other mobile platforms, then grab the Nutsie uploader for your computer, and it will automatically sync your iTunes library to your mobile phone.

Radio Tuna
Radio Tuna is a new real-time search engine for online radio, with 20,000 stations searchable by artist or genre. each station has a genre profile so you can see how much of each type of music it plays.

This Ain’t Your Brother’s Portastudio
By Michael Calore — The Tascam 424 Portastudio, an old machine from the 1980s which enabled musicians to overdub multiple tracks onto regular cassette tapes, was an essential piece of gear for just about every guitar player or budding songwriter. Now Tascam has injected new life into the bedroom studio with the new Tascam DP-008 an all-digital eight track, which the company is showing off at the NAMM Show.

Running on Empty
By Candace Jackson — In its heyday, Tower Records in Manhattan’s East Village teemed with music-loving shoppers. But in 2006, with buyers rushing to online music stores and big-box retailers, the store closed. Starting this weekend, the place will fill up again-this time with performances, panel discussions and conceptual art installations, some lamenting the demise of music stores.

Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky
By Matt Richtel — Cellphones make pedestrians inattentive, and emergency room records show the results.


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